Welcome to the Castleberry High School Theatre Page

It is our aim that the CHS theatre program provide a positive outlet and creative artistic involvement for students in order for them to develop artistic competence, sensitivity and purpose. We attempt to invigorate our students with intellectual and creative challenges and to assist them in developing critical thinking skills.

Drama/Theatre as taught in high schools is intended to fulfill four basic purposes:

• Theatre as therapy: to enhance students’ personal growth and development, and self discovery- developing self-confidence, teaching group work, etc.
• Theatre as life enrichment: to produce aesthetically responsive citizens with life-long interest in the arts.
• Theatre as social and recreational activity: giving the student a break from academic activities, fulfilling the same needs of a sports activity.
• Theatre as training: as preparation for continued and future studies in the field.

The faculty of the CHS Theatre Arts Department hope that we are able to inspire, nurture, challenge and empower students and audiences to raise levels of consciousness and compassion through our curriculum. We are committed to the belief that knowledge of and participation in Theatre Arts is central to human existence.