*Before trying out all these solutions, restart your computer and make sure that your operating system is fully updated in the settings*
Q: How do I connect to the internet when the connection says "Limited Access" and displays an exclamation point?

A: Simply disconnect and reconnect, because of our school filter the internet connection malfunctions because it mixes up the deciphering between your student netbook and a teachers normal desktop.

Q: Why is my username incorrect when I try and log in on another desktop?

A: Make sure you put STUDENTS\"last name""first name".

Q:  How do I move a picture/video from my phone onto my netbook?

A: Moving Stuff from Phone to Netbook.mp4

Q: How can I do my advanced math assignment when I don't have the graphing calculator given to us in class?

A: How to Get TI-83 Calculator at Home.mp4

Q: How can I close non-responding windows?

A: Closing Windows an alternate way.mp4

Microsoft Office 365

How to get on Office 365.mp4

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