Credit By Exam

Credit By Exam
Posted on 12/10/2018

Students who have received prior formal instruction in a subject may be eligible to earn credit by  examination. On the recommendation of the Castleberry High School Attendance Committee,  a student who has lost credit due to excessive absences may earn or regain course credit  through credit by exam. Students who wish to enroll in credit by exam should submit a written  request to the principal or guidance counselor. A student must earn a grade of at least 70 to  receive credit. The cost for the exam is to be paid by the student.   
Students who have NOT received prior formal instruction in a subject may be eligible to earn  credit by examination. Students must earn a minimum grade of ​80​ on the exam in order to  receive credit. To initiate this process, a parent/student conference is required with the principal.  Testing will be offered to students once each semester. Students should contact a school  counselor for additional information. A student receiving high school course credit through credit  by exam will take the corresponding STAAR EOC assessment. Credit by examination is currently  offered for Spanish I, II, and III. Course credit earned through credit by exam do not receive GPA  points and are not included in student/class rank. 

For more information about Credit by Exam, please see your counselor.