Library Orientation 19-20

10 Things to Know about The Cube Library

1. The Cube hours: 7:30 - 4:30 Monday - Friday.  

2. Watch our social media channels for updates about
The Cube: Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @thecubelibrary 

3. can check out books and lots of them! The limit is 3 items at one time. 

4. Oh, and there's so much more than books! E-books, Playaways, study spaces, games, clubs, and more!

5. Come and join us in the Cafe Connect! We have limited spots (30 passes) available first come, first served to pick up after 1st period.  A limited amount of seats are available for students bring lunch. Breakfast is served each morning.

6. Yes we have a printer in the Cube. Fear not! We can print for you!! We have black and white as well as color printing. Black and white are free. There is a $.50 fee per page for color printing. Pro Tip: Save your documents to your Google Drive, and let the printing begin! 

7. Sign in? Yep. You need to sign in/out when you come to the Cube. You will also need your ID when checking out your books.

8. Can anyone say, X-Box? We have the games, making and more, you bring your skillz, artistry, ideas, and creativity. 

9. Get your battle on! Join the NTX Book Battle Team!Ten books, lots of battle with area high schools. All happening at the local Barnes and Noble (and surrounding areas) in April! 

10. You'll need a pass from your teacher to come to The Cube during classroom hours.